High Definition Brows

High definition brows (HD BROWS): include mapping, shape, wax, tint, and style. Using our in-house Maz Brows signature technique. This treatment lasts 1-2 weeks on skin 4-6 weeks on brow hair.

Treatment time: 30mins

HYBRID Brows Brow Dye

Our in house brow-dye technique is essentially a longer lasting tint. Using a product with care formula that not only colours the hair and creates a beautiful stain on the skin but it contains nourishing ingredients which will help strengthen, protect the hair and stimulate its growth. Brow Dye includes brow map, shape, wax, dye, and style.

This treatment lasts 2-4 weeks on most skin types and up to 6 weeks on brow hairs.

Treatment time: 30mins

Brow lamination

Lamination is a treatment that will soften the brow hairs where they can be shifted into a different direction to achieve a fuller fluffier eyebrow shape. The hairs are then set in place lasting up to 8 weeks.

This is perfect for those wanting fuller, fluffier, evenly shaped brows.

HD tint or dye is also available as an add on following brow lamination for a fuller look depending on desired result.

Treatment time: 30mins

Brow Sculpt

Maz's signature Brow wax + shape includes mapping, wax, shape, and tweeze and sculpt. Every clients eyebrows are assessed to ensure you are leaving with the most symmetrical suitable brows for your face shape.

If this is can't be achieved in one appointment you will be given your growth plan by Maz to work towards.

Treatment time: 30mins

Keratin Lash lift + tint

Our in house last lift will leave your lashes sky high for up to 8 weeks with your choice of curl.

Treatment time: 60 mins

Eyebrow lighten/bleach

The perfect treatment for those wanting to lighten the colour of their eyebrow hairs. This includes a signature wax + shape, mapping, sculpt & your choice of tint colour following the lightening process,

Treatment time: 30 mins


Cosmetic Tattoo

Maz brows offers leading quality cosmetic tattoo treatments with a range of options to suit all brows and lips. Our salon is a sterile certified insured environment ensuring the highest standards of results.

Eyebrow Tattoo Consultation

Book in your consultation and discuss with our technicians whether you are a suitable candidate for a tattoo procedure. During their consultation we will offer shaping, mapping, colour consultation, pre + post care information. This consult can also be scheduled via zoom call.

Please note: All previously tattooed eyebrows must book in face o face consultation. 

Eyebrow Micro-blading

Micro-blading or Feathering is a manual method of cosmetic tattooing. This method creates perfectly shaped brows in the most natural looking way. Using a micro-blade which implements pigment into the dermis layer of the skin which creates the appearance of hairline strokes. This treatment is suitable for dry to normal skin types. The results are very natural looking and blends beautifully with natural brow hairs.
Treatment time: 3 hours

Ombre brows / Combination Brows

Our ombre and combination eyebrow treatments use a more traditional needle tattoo method with longer lasting results. Both procedures are suitable for all skin types. If you're someone with oily/combination skin, thin brows who fill in your brows daily. This is the treatment for you.

Treatment time: 3 hours 

Lip Blush

Enhance your pout with a natural looking soft tattoo that will save you time and eliminate the hassle of applying lip liner/lipstick.

This treatment works amazing following lip filler injections to define your new shape with the perfect colour choice from our range. 

Treatment time: 2 hours