Product Warning

Maz Brows Pty Ltd Product Warning Policy

We want to ensure a positive and safe experience for all our customers. Before using any of our products listed on our website, please read and understand the following policy:

1. Product Application:
- Follow the provided instructions on the product packaging for the proper use of the product.
- Perform a patch test before full application to check for any adverse reactions. Apply a small amount of the product to a discreet area and wait 24 hours to ensure no irritation occurs.

2. Individual Responsiveness:
- Understand that individuals may have different sensitivities and reactions to cosmetic products. What works well for one person may not work for another.
- If you have a history of skin allergies or sensitivities, consult with a dermatologist or conduct a patch test before using our products.

3. Not Responsible for Hair Loss or Skin Reactions:
- Maz Brows Pty Ltd is not responsible for any hair loss, skin reactions, or adverse effects that may occur as a result of using our brow gel product.
- If you experience any discomfort, irritation, or other adverse reactions, discontinue use immediately and consult with a healthcare professional.

4. Expiry and Storage:
- Check the expiration date on the product before use. Do not use if the product is expired.
- Store the products in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.

5. Returns and Refunds:
- Due to the nature of cosmetic products, we cannot accept returns on opened or used items.
- If you receive a damaged or defective product, please contact our customer service within 7 days of receipt for assistance.

6. Customer Support:
- If you have any questions or concerns about our products, please contact our customer support team at

By purchasing and using our products, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this policy. Maz Brows Pty Ltd reserves the right to update or modify this policy at any time.

Maz Brows Pty Ltd
28th November 2023